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How to set up a secure Wi-Fi wireless access point in the Keenetic Series Internet Center with NDMS V2 firmware?


The basic settings of a Wi-Fi access point in the Internet center of the Keenetic series are made in the device’s web configurator in the Wi-Fi network menu.

Configure the wireless access point settings on the Access point tab. Make sure that the Enable access point box is checked. In the Network name (SSID) field, enter the name of your wireless network or leave the default value. To ensure a secure wireless connection in the Network protection field Set the required security level. We recommend that you use the maximum level of security using the WPA2-PSK protocol. In the Network Key field, enter a key between 8 and 63 characters long. The key used will need to be specified when connecting clients to the access point. In the Standard field, select the standard that will be used to connect clients. For greater device compatibility, specify the standard 802.11bgn. In the Signal strength field, you can set the required signal strength of the wireless access point. Click the Apply button to save the settings.

In the settings of the access point, it is possible to activate the Hide SSID function, which is used to increase the security of the wireless connection. To do this, check the Hide SSID field. Additional information about Hide SSID function is presented in the article: BZ-2303

Keenetic Series Internet Centers support the creation of a MAC access list for a wireless network. Can make up "white" or "the black" Wi-Fi hotspot client list. In mode "White list" Access to your home wireless network will be blocked for all clients not on the list. In mode "Black list" Access to your home wireless network will be blocked only for the list of clients. Additional information is presented in the article: BZ-3704

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