Cheapest Router


The Chinese brand Netis is not very well known in Russia, although the company has been operating since 2000, has built its own huge factory and since 2010 has been trying to expand its expansion into other markets. The turn came to Russia. Appearance in our area right now is quite logical: due to the growth of the dollar exchange rate, the Russians did not have much time for frills, and Netis just makes workhorses with decent, but not record-breaking characteristics. And, accordingly, selling them is not very expensive.

Netis WF2681 by the company itself is positioned as a gaming router. Game! Pecked, huh? All right, get off the hook of Chinese marketing. In fact, when developing this model, the task was to make the cheapest router with support for 802.11ac with a speed of 867 Mbps. Well, in general, they did. For the cheapness I had to pay for the lack of a USB port and related buns. Of course, the press and partners would glue such a router (or even glue it). And then the body was painted red, and the whole thing was called a gaming model. Ask – why is there gaming? Well, between us, nothing. Support for QoS is a common place for all modern routers for more than $ 50, and it does not work with all providers. And the rest is just a router on the budget platform Realtek RTL8197DN with 64 megabytes of RAM and 8 MB of flash. Already these figures clearly speak – before us is not a formidable gaming unit, but an ordinary state employee, mimicking something more. Just for information – the Zyxel Keenetic Giga router, which was released 4 years ago, was about the same in performance.

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