D-Link Switches

Product Description

The DGS-1016D switch supports the innovative Green Ethernet technology, which is designed to protect the environment through the use of energy-saving systems of active network equipment. Green Ethernet technology allows you to: Reduce energy consumption and heat generation, Extend the useful life of the device, Reduce operating costs.

Conservation of power consumption depending on the number of connected ports and channel status.

Computers connected to the switch do not need access to the Internet all the time. When computer or network equipment is turned off, conventional switches remain on and continue to consume power. Thanks to the use of new Green Ethernet technology, D-Link switches are able to automatically determine the status of the data link and reduce power consumption for inactive ports. However, it should be borne in mind that if computers are simply put into standby mode without turning off the power, significant energy conservation cannot be achieved.

Reduce power consumption based on cable length.

Switches with support for Green Ethernet technology can automatically determine the length of Ethernet cables for connecting terminal equipment and, depending on this, automatically change the level of energy consumption. At the same time, the shorter the cable length, the less power consumption will be.

Significant reduction in energy consumption every day.

For standard switches, power consumption remains constant regardless of whether ports are used or not. During the working day, when computers are used only 10 hours a day, using cables up to 20 meters in length, Green Ethernet D-Link switches can reduce power consumption by up to 40% *.

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