Electronic switch

Switch Wiring Diagram 0529.3734

The electronic switch 0529.3734 is designed to operate in non-contact ignition systems of VAZ-2108, VAZ-2109, "Tavria" and others, including foreign production, equipped with similar ignition systems with a Hall sensor.

The switch works as a unit with an ignition coil type 27.3705 and distributor 40.3706, 53.3706 or others with similar parameters.

This switch is designed specifically for installation on cars with low quality electrical circuits and has increased noise immunity.

It has an increased operating temperature range. Reliability and compliance with technical specifications is guaranteed at a switch radiator temperature of up to 115 ° С. This product has oscillograms of currents and voltages slightly different from traditional ones, during operation it has a radiator heating at a low engine speed, which is provided. Since 2007, the 0529.3734 switch has been protected against short circuits in the Hall sensor power supply circuit.

According to the requirements for ignition systems, the switch protects the Hall sensor * from overvoltage by stabilizing the voltage supplied to the sensor.

Allowed the operation of the switch without battery.

The switch is designed to operate on a single-wire circuit, in which the negative output of the power source is connected to the car body. The operating mode of the switch is S1 according to GOST 3940.

The switch is installed in the place provided for it in the car using standard fasteners and a standard connector, and it is necessary to ensure reliable contact between the base of the switch and the car body.

The warranty period of operation is 3 years from the date of commissioning or from the date of sale in a retail network. The manufacturer’s warranty is valid for four years from the date of manufacture of the product.

Operating temperature range, ° С

-40 .. +100

Rated voltage, V

12, 0

Permissible limits of supply voltage, V (up to 5 min.)

6, 0 .. 18, 0

Range of uninterrupted sparking, rpm of the crankshaft of a 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine

20 .. 7000

Switching current, A

7, 5 ± 0, 2

Time of sparkless cutoff of collector current, s


The maximum allowable impact of increased supply voltage lasting up to 5 min. with a sparking frequency of more than 200 Hz (6000 rpm of the crankshaft of a 4-stroke 4-cylinder engine), V

25, 0

Maximum permissible surge voltages of positive and negative polarity, V

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