Industrial Switches

industrial switches brand Lantech

Ethernet switches designed for operation in industrial facilities, in the electric power industry, the transport industry, etc. have structural and functional differences from conventional switching devices. Network equipment brands Lantech, UTC Fire & Security and others, providing traffic distribution in industrial networks, is operable at temperatures from -40 ° C to +75 ° C, is resistant to shock, vibration, voltage drops and electromagnetic interference. Industrial switches are available, both unmanaged and managed. Depending on the model, they can have a different number of ports, SFP slots, PoE injectors, DIDO function, redundant power supply, etc. To protect against impacts, each switch has a metal case with IP30 class. Many models are designed for mounting on a DIN rail.

Highly protected switches designed for harsh environments, including in unheated rooms and on the street, meet all the requirements of industrial networks for reliability and IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standards. Using industrial switches with the necessary port density and functionality, at the minimum cost of network equipment, you can create a stable, fault-tolerant network at the facility, for example, with a ring topology and fast self-healing. Like office switching devices, industrial models use the Store-and-Forward architecture (buffered transmission) and optimize network bandwidth.

Unmanaged switches for outdoor IP video systems Especially for industrial environments, in dusty and humid environments, as well as in harsh outdoor conditions and trouble-free operation, industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches have been developed as part of fault-tolerant Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet networks. In the Lantech line of products, in particular, there are 5-port budget industrial switches supporting HiPoE (Power over Ethernet) power technology and a PoE budget of up to 25 W per port. An unmanaged switch typically has an extended operating temperature range, redundant power, and is quickly mounted on a DIN rail or wall.

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