Mini Wai Router



ComfortWay router – 4500 rub.

This version of ComfortWay was designed specifically for people who often visit the countries of the European Union and who need a long battery life.

Features: Speed: up to 21 Mb / s-Dimensions: 98x48x15mm-Weight: 180 gr. SIM card: T-mobile-Number of simultaneously connected devices: up to 10-Coverage: all EU countries-Operating time in data transfer mode: up to 12 hours –

ComfortWay mini-router – 2500 rub.

This version is a mini router that can connect via USB connection, as well as "give out" Wi-Fi on multiple gadgets. ComfortWay Mini will be especially convenient for laptop users, as well as for all travelers-motorists, as the kit includes a special USB-adapter, so as not to occupy the cigarette lighter socket.

Dimensions: 91.5x27x11mm-Weight: 90 gr.

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