Power Supply for Router


Left Asus PSU, right D-Link PSU. They have one scheme, there are minor changes in the ratings of the components. The most vile thing is that the PSU gives out 5V put to it and the user removes suspicions from it. But under load, the voltage drops to 2V, and this is just no one checks!

For repair, we need: a soldering iron with solder, a clerical knife and electrical tape. Instead of a clerical knife, I use a boron machine (they also call it “dremel”, it comes from the name of the company DREMEL). We open the case, it is glued, for someone, it turns out to cut the adhesive layer along the seam, I pick laziness, I saw with a “dremel”. We see inside the board with a swollen electrolytic capacitor (the picture is not mine, I have already changed the conder):

We solder the swollen capacitor 1200uF 10V, in its place we put any electrolytic with parameters 1000uF-1200uF 10-16V (1200 uF 10 V, 1200uF 10V, 1000uF 16V, etc.). Also, it is better to immediately replace the electrolytic capacitor (it “starts” the power supply) 10uF 25V with 10uF 50V. Do not forget to observe the polarity! We get:

Putting the case back. I do not recommend gluing, because after 1.5 years, you may need to change capacitors again! :) I usually collect on electrical tape.

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