Router Selection


There are a lot of tests of wireless home routers on the network. They compare the speed characteristics of the models, ease of configuration via the web interface, the number of supported ranges and much more. However, such tests do not provide answers to the main questions: why are all these supported ranges necessary and what should the user do with the web interface? In addition, tests are focused on specific models. If we recall the famous proverb, we can say that they do not teach how to fish, but feed it.

We decided to go in a slightly different way – not to test the next series of routers, but to tell how to choose them for specific tasks. At the same time, he says that in practice it provides support for various ranges, several antennas, and what does power consumption mean if it is projected onto the home budget. That is, we will not feed fish, but give a network to our hands so that the subsequent selection of a specific model takes place completely consciously.


The first question that we must decide is how the router will look. There are two main types: with built-in and external antennas. The number of models of the first type is limited, people basically take the second: by putting a “box” on the mezzanine or somewhere in a box, you can hide the antenna that is eye-sore. This will affect the signal level weakly. Many do not pay any attention to aesthetics at all and put equipment where necessary:

Against the backdrop of a stunning repair, the “flyers” will not look very

Another thing if this is not possible. This happens, for example, in an office or shopping center or with a special room design. We’ll have to take a device with a built-in antenna, although on average it is much more expensive than its “horned” brothers:

For such splendor you need to pay at least 3 thousand rubles

For lovers of high-tech, there is also a special offer. And even if its price is two times higher than that of a similar one, its appearance atones for this drawback:

Who said home appliances cannot be beautiful?

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