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Today a new review – AudioCodes routers. Yes, you were not mistaken and read correctly, namely routers. Life does not stand still, and AudioCodes has long been a pioneer of VoIP and the world-famous brand of voice gateways of all sizes, from one FXS port to several STM-1s, has become a manufacturer of complex and complex solutions not only for the operator, but also for the corporate market . Now the company’s product profile has more solutions that are not classified as a “voice gateway” than traditional gateways. What is an Audio Codes business router? After a visual inspection of the interfaces, many will say that this is a typical and familiar to many Mediant 500, Mediant 800 or Mediant 1000 However, let’s take a closer look at all series of devices.

Not all models in these series have analog or digital TDM interfaces. So, it’s not a gateway anymore. Although this statement does not mean that devices without TDM interfaces do not have VoIP support. But first things first. AudioCodes routers are the Mediant 500 / 500L MSBR, Mediant 800 MSBR, and Mediant 1000 MSBR. Each name is a series of devices with different configurations that differ in the presence and number of specific WAN / LAN interfaces and / or TDM interfaces.

The abbreviation MSBR (Multi Service Business Router) is added to the name of ordinary gateways, which speaks of the primary purpose of this type of device as a router. In terms of software (firmware), Mediant and Mediant MSBR are different. However, by replacing the Mediant MSBR firmware, it can turn into a regular voice gateway or SBC, which we wrote about earlier here and here.

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