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Photo: / Alexander Avilov

Users of free Wi-Fi in the Moscow metro will be able to replenish the ticket balance "Purse" cards "Troika" on the portal during the trip, the press service of the Department of Transport.

As part of a joint campaign of deptrans and Wi-Fi operator in the company’s metro "Maxima Telecom"when replenishing "Threes" On the portal, from March 1 to March 31, free Wi-Fi users will receive three days of premium access as a gift, so they can connect to the network without viewing ads and having to log in to the browser.

To do this, the user needs to connect to the MosMetro_Free network in the Moscow metro, go to the portal and replenish the ticket "Purse" cards "Troika" in your account. The minimum replenishment amount is 100 rubles, the maximum – 2, 5 thousand rubles. It is necessary to record a paid ticket using the yellow information terminal in the lobby of any metro station. Premium access will be connected to users within a day from the moment of replenishment of the card "Troika".

Today in the capital, there are 40 thousand points recharge cards "Troika". Last year, more than 550 million people used Wi-Fi in the metro.

Earlier, the deputy mayor for transport and the development of road transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov said that the map "Troika" this year personalize. According to him, now it can be registered and in case of loss restored through the contact center of the capital’s Department of Transport.

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