Wi-Fi Modems

Follow these steps to configure modem mode.

Click “Settings” gt; “Cellular communication.” Select “Modem mode” and enable the corresponding mode.

After setting up the access point in modem mode, you can go to the Settings screen gt; “Modem Mode” to turn it on or off or change the password.

If the “Modem mode” parameter is not displayed, ask your operator if the use of modem mode is available in your plan.

Connect using modem mode via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB

You can connect to the device in modem mode via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB. This article provides some tips for using each method.


If you disconnect all devices from the Wi-Fi access point, it automatically disconnects.


Verify that a second Bluetooth device is being detected. To create a pair, select “Settings” gt; Bluetooth


Connect your iOS device to your Mac or PC using the USB cable that came with your device.

Deactivate Devices

To disconnect the device, turn off the modem mode, disconnect Bluetooth or disconnect the USB cable from the device.

Set or change Wi-Fi password

You must set a Wi-Fi password to configure the modem.

To change the Wi-Fi password, select “Settings” gt; “Modem Mode” or “Settings” gt; “Cellular” gt; “Modem Mode” and specify the password for Wi-Fi.

Choose a Wi-Fi password that contains at least eight ASCII characters. If non-ASCII characters are used, other devices will not be able to connect to the access point in modem mode. Non-ASCII characters include characters from Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and other languages. ASCII characters include the following:

All letters of the English language, upper and lower case; Numbers 0 to 9; Some punctuation marks. Additional information.

When a device is connected to an access point in modem mode, the status bar turns blue and shows the number of connected devices. The number of devices that can simultaneously be connected to an access point in modem mode depends on the operator and model of the iPhone.

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