Wi Fi Router M Video

The brand of network equipment TP-LINK is known to the consumer with an excellent combination of excellent reliability and an adequate price tag. Recently, the manufacturer announced a new series of wireless home routers for the mass segment. Archer C20 takes the middle place in this series, as this is not the easiest router, but not the most sophisticated either. Just what is needed for a little more advanced than the conditional “housewife” user.

The router comes in a standard small green box, usual for TP-LINK devices. On the box, you can find the main consumer characteristics of the content, as well as a comparative table of opportunities within the entire series of devices. Inside, the buyer will find the router itself, an AC adapter, a meter patch cord, and documentation. Everything is neatly packed in cellophane and laid out in cells.

The case of the router is made of plastic in different colors: the top is made of glossy dark blue, the bottom is matte beige.

On the rear side of the device, you can find the expected connectors Ethernet, power, USB and several buttons for various purposes. The device’s antennas are not separable, which at first seems strange, but on the other hand: fewer connectors Рless signal attenuation in the antenna path, there are pluses in everything. There are five Ethernet connectors, one for connecting to an Internet service provider, four for connecting wired LAN devices, all Fast Ethernet, that is, with a maximum data transfer speed of 100 Mbps. They have color differentiation, so it will be difficult to make a mistake with the wires when connecting. The USB 2.0 port supports connecting external drives to the router, as well as 3G / 4G modems for backing up the Internet connection.

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