Wi Fi Usb Router

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Kuaipan client folder and unpack directory

kuaipan.rar (7, 98 MB) If you decide to remove the English driver through uninstall.exe (Installing removal of programs), then replace "English" uninstall.exe, in Chinese.

chinese uninstall.exe

uninstall.rar (1, 01 MB) For myself, I did the assembly"english driver"+"Russian client kuaipan"+"Chinese uninstall.exe"+"Russification from TrackScream" (although, you can "chinese driver"+"Russification from TrackScream"), if anyone needs it, I post the assembly archive below. The archive is a file from a folder, by default – "C: \ Program Files \ XiaoMi \ MiWiFi"To throw in this folder replacing the old ones that need to be pre-installed: Xiaomi Portable USB Mini WiFi – Discussion (Post # 35763418)

PSAll this, of course, is clumsy decisions and I hope there is a person who will put the driver in order and make it in Russian -), but for now there is something.

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