Wifi Access Points

We see that the R500 has more transmitter power and a more efficient antenna system. The benefits of the H500 include a managed switch and PoE Output. Actually, the H500 is positioned as an all-in-one solution that provides both radio access and a cable network for the room. For example, for a hotel room. This solution is especially interesting in that it allows you to implement WiFi access, IP-telephony, IPTV over a single twisted pair. Converged wired and wireless services Similar size, but different content Another two aspects of the H500 device As for slightly less power, when you install an access point in each This is not a limitation to the room, since even 18 dBm is enough for reliable communication in almost any multi-room room. But in this way it was possible to significantly reduce the size of the equipment, allowing it to be placed in place of a standard unit of an electrical outlet. An example of radio coverage of an access point with an antenna gain of 19 dBm in the 5 GHz band in a hotel complex

Also, unlike the R500, the H500 has a USB port where you can place a Bluetooth adapter, for example, for accurately positioning clients and interacting with them. The scheme of the system for determining the position of the subscriber and the delivery of geo-targeted information: Providing geo-targeted services according to QualcommA will now conduct small field tests. Compare the ZoneFlex R500 access point with the ZoneFlex 7363 and Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-Pro. Since relying on 802.11ac in all client devices is still optimistic, consider a 2-channel 802.11n subscriber.

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