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wifi does not work on laptop does not connect

Owners of laptops, netbooks and ultrabooks on Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems may encounter the red cross in the system tray for about an hour on the wireless network icon and, accordingly, the laptop does not connect to the WiFi network. Of course, the hardware malfunction of the wireless adapter cannot be ruled out, but this is a rare phenomenon, it must be admitted. Most often, the problems are more simple in nature and there are only three main solutions to the problem.

Option 1. The Wi-Fi wireless adapter itself on the laptop is not turned on.

To enable it on the laptop there is a special button. On older models, there was a separate slider or button on the case for this:

On modern ones, the power button of the Wi-Fi adapter is combined with one of the function keys – F5, F10, F12, etc., depending on the manufacturer. It is easy to recognize it – it has a wireless network icon in the form of an antenna on it. Press on it and on the Fn function key. We look at the result. By the way, some manufacturers have an indicator on the button. On – blue.

If the adapter is turned off by hardware, the indicator is red:

Try to push a few times. In any case, the laptop should at least somehow react.

It happens, however, that drivers for function keys are not installed, but this is easy to check – try to increase / decrease the volume with their help or adjust the brightness. You will immediately see whether they work or not.

A wireless network card can be included in network connections. To check this, press the Win + R button combination:

In the line “Open” we write the command ncpa.cpl and click on the OK button. Thus we get into the network connections of Windows. We are looking for a wireless network connection there and look at it – if the icon is gray, it means that it is disabled:

We click on it with the right mouse button and select the “Enable” menu item.

If this does not help, then go to the Device Manager. To do this, again press the key combination Win + R:

In the line “Open” we write the command devmgmt.msc and click the “OK” button. Once in the Windows Device Manager, we are looking for the “Network Adapters” section:

We find our WiFi adapter there (usually in the name there is the word Wireless or Wi-Fi). We click on it with the right mouse button and look in the menu. If the “Enable” item is present there, then the network card is disabled. We click on it to turn it on and check the connection.

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