Asus Wi-Fi Router

The appearance of the router

For a long time I chose the replacement TL-MR3220. There are not so many routers with support for 3G modems. I decided to buy the Asus company. The company seems to be good, the functionality of the RT-N13U is also quite good, and the price is not high. Again I did not dare to buy TP-Link, although I also like the company.

It immediately seems that the design is not stable and the router will fall all the time, but in practice everything is fine, the device is stable.

On the front panel you can see indicators: power, wireless, WAN cable connection, and 4 LAN indicators. And also the WPS power button.

There is nothing interesting on the sides. And at the back there are 4 LAN connectors, 1 WAN, 1 USB and a power connector. As for the USB connector, here, in comparison with the TP-Link TL-MR3220, it is used not only for connecting 3G modems, but also for flash drives, printers, etc. You can organize shared access to the contents of the flash drive, or to the printer.

Below you can see the router mode switch and a button to reset the settings (you need to hold it for a few seconds).

There are three options for the router:

Router is a normal mode, when we connect the Internet to a router, and it distributes it. Reater – repeater mode. You can use Asus RT-N13U to enhance Wi-Fi signal. AP – access point mode (connection to a wireless router by cable).

There is very useful information at the bottom of the device – this is the address for entering the settings of the router and the login with the password, which is used by default.

As you probably already noticed, there are no external antennas on this router, they are built-in. But the signal quality was not affected by this. If we compare again with the TL-MR3220, then the coverage area of ​​the Asus router is larger.

I forgot to write about the configuration. She is standard. In the box you will find the router itself, the power supply, a small network cable, a disk and several pieces of paper.

Connect and configure the Asus RT-N13U router

Let’s get started setting up the Asus RT-N13U and try to make friends with our 3G modem.

Connect the router to the mains and connect it with the network cable (which is included) to the computer.

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