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WIFI Router

WiFi router – which is better to choose? This question often worries ordinary users. Those who actively communicate and work on the Internet often need to purchase such a device so that the quality is high and the price reasonable. The choice of a router is an important and crucial moment, you need to approach it deliberately, weighing all the pros and cons.

For a long time in the past, those days when the Internet was “riveted” to the workplace of a PC user. At the moment, the development of wireless technologies has reached unprecedented heights, and the data transfer rate in such networks is already comparable to traditional wired counterparts. One of the most effective and most popular ways to connect to the Internet “over the air” is to create a WiFi network.

What could be more convenient than browsing the web from anywhere in your home without being tied to a computer or not at all? With the choice and purchase of a good WiFi router, all this becomes possible! Now you need to figure out how to choose a router, what characteristics are important for it and what is the optimal price for the device.

What are WiFi routers

All WiFi routers can be divided into several groups:

ADSL-to-WiFi is a wireless router that connects to a telephone line using ADSL protocol. This connection method is used when the services of an Internet provider are provided by a fixed telephone operator. Ethernet-to-WiFi is a router used to connect to an Ethernet network via twisted pair cable. This is the most popular and widespread type of WiFi routers. 3G-to-WiFi is a device for organizing Internet access using mobile operators. Support may include GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, 3G, 4G networks and others. Universal routers – combine a number of supported networking technologies. Represent various combinations and combinations of the above types of routers up to support all current types of data transfer.

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