Choosing a Home Router

WIFI Router

What is the best router for the home? This question is asked by many progressive users who, even at home, want to access the Internet connection from all their devices. At first glance, such a task is not difficult. Considering how far the progress has been made, you can choose a suitable device for a dozen parameters.

But such a variety can play a cruel joke: the number of routers is so great that the eyes run wide. At the same time, their rapid reduction in price can be misleading that the main thing is the low price, and everything else is not particularly and important. Choosing the perfect wifi router for your home is an extremely important task, the solution of which must be approached carefully.

Basics of choosing a Wi-Fi router

Often a router is called a wireless router, thanks to which it is possible to organize a connection to the World Wide Web, and create a Wi-Fi network based on the corresponding device. In the “gentleman’s” set of any router, there was an Ethernet port for connecting an Internet cable from the provider. A Wi-Fi router must have at least 1 WAN port to which an external network is connected, and 4 LAN connectors for a local network. That is why such devices are often called “fivespot”.

Now the wifi 3g router is spreading, which is not connected by numerous cables, but only by the choice of a mobile operator.

It should be remembered that the choice of an Internet provider is very important, because each of them offers its own tariff plans, which differ in the speed of maximum connection and the range of services provided. At the same time, some providers entice customers with extremely low prices for Wi-Fi routers, provided that they conclude an agreement on the provision of Internet services.

The main selection criteria

Use goals are the main criteria when buying a router.

It is necessary to decide on the tasks that will be faced by the device, then choosing a router will be much easier. If the router finds application in ordinary Internet surfing and enjoying your favorite online games, then you can choose a truly budget option. Another thing, if there is a need to watch IPTV or upload gigabytes of files, you can’t do without substantial financial investments.

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