Modem Router

In this article, we will tell you how to connect a UPVEL router to the Internet using wireless modems with a USB interface.

This manual is suitable for the following router models:

The article consists of the following sections:

Configuring the computer’s network card to automatically obtain an IP address — Connecting a router and modem — Updating the firmware of the router to the latest version — Actually, configuring the router via the web interface. Possible problems with USB modems and how to fix them.

After connecting the router, we strongly recommend that you reflash it.

Even after the router hits the store shelves, our engineers are working on its further improvement. Each next firmware makes the router even more stable, faster and more convenient. In addition, each new firmware increases the number of supported modem models (a special situation arises only with Yota modems, with some of which it is necessary to install a specific version of the firmware, even if it is not the last, details).

If possible, even before starting the procedure for connecting the router, go to the page, select your router model and download the latest firmware version.

If you do not know the model and version of your router, turn the device over and find the sticker on the bottom of the case. In addition to other information, it indicates the model and hardware version of the router (if any).

Configuring the network interface of a computer

Before connecting and configuring the router, you must configure the computer’s network card to automatically obtain the IP address and DNS server address.

Configure the network interface.

You can also watch our video tutorials on Youtube.com in which we show how to do this.

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