Network Switch Card


The inputs are designed to connect various types of sensors: limit switches, reed switches and others. When you connect a third-party uninterruptible power supply to the switch, dry contacts allow you to promptly transfer information to the system about the loss of 220V mains voltage or about a small residual battery charge.

The relay output can be used to notify other devices of the system about the occurrence of events that are set by the user. For example, the operation of “dry” contacts, the loss of the link from the camcorder or its reboot.

The RS-485 port, designed to connect electricity metering devices, allows you to remotely take meter readings, which is important when connecting TFortis PSW switches to public power grids.

All ports of the PLC-02 board are galvanically isolated, which ensures the stability of the switch to interference and increases the reliability of the system.

The PLC-02 board is the first implementation of the device and was developed taking into account the needs of integrators. Fort Telecom plans to develop such cooperation with integrators and expand the range of customized equipment.

The PLC-02 card is not included in the basic configuration of the TFortis PSW-1G4F and PSW-2G4F switches and is available as an option.

TFortis equipment, under the brand name of which Fort Telecom manufactures switches, media converters, thermal housings and additional equipment, has no analogues on the Russian market. Significant savings for integrators of IP video surveillance when implementing projects with TFortis are achieved by automating system maintenance and eliminating the need for additional field visits: switches with built-in lightning protection and the use of an industrial component base are resistant to any temperature and weather conditions, and the ability to control the status of cameras and reboot if they freeze, it allows you to build reliable, unattended IP video surveillance networks.

Fort Telecom ("Fort Telecom"/ FT) is a developer and supplier of equipment for building IP-video surveillance networks under the TFortis brand name. Among other areas of the company’s work: the development of design solutions in the field of telecommunications, integrated solutions GLONASS / GPS monitoring of vehicles and equipment for the ERA-GLONASS project. Fort Telecom operates an extensive dealer network in Russia and the CIS, and has been on the market since 2007. The head office is located in Perm.

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