Router as an Access Point

Launch an access point on an Android phone

What is this chip, and how it works, I think, you already know. If not, I’ll tell you in a nutshell. You can turn your phone that runs on Android into an access point, such a mobile Wi-Fi router. You can distribute the Internet from your smartphone to other devices, for example, to a TV, tablet, laptops, other smartphones, etc.

That is, the smartphone will take the Internet, which your provider provides you and distribute via Wi-Fi. What is it, I think, figured out. A very useful feature, given that the mobile Internet is not very expensive now, and the operators provide quite normal rates.

What do we need?

The Android phone itself, configured and working Internet (if the websites open in your browser on your phone, then everything is ok), well, the devices that you will connect to your smartphone. I, on HTC, can connect a maximum of 5 devices at a time.

I will show on the example of HTC One V. I will connect the tablet ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10, and a laptop. If you have another phone, for example, Samsung, LG, Lenovo, etc., then it’s okay, the setup process will practically not differ.

Setting up Wi-Fi “Access Point” on Android

First of all, turn on the mobile Internet. That would be at the top, in the notification panel, the corresponding icon appeared.

Next, go to the settings, and in the Wireless Connections and Networks section, click on “More.”

There we select “Wi-Fi router and USB modem” (there may also be “Connect Access Point”). In the next window, click on “Router Settings” (or Change Wi-Fi Access Point ”).

Next, we need to set parameters for our mobile router.

The name of the router (SSID) is the name of our Wi-Fi. We indicate any name in English letters. Security, we leave WPA2. Password. This password will be used to connect to your network. Minimum 8 characters. English letters and numbers.

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