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, purchase a router with the Wi-Fi certified logo. This ensures that the new router meets the standards that the HP wireless printer is designed for. Look for the following logo:

There is currently a large selection of routers on the market. Depending on the features supported, the cost can vary significantly. Below are a few features.

Dual range. n supports two frequency ranges – 2, 4 GHz and 5, 0 GHz. However, not all devices that support the 802.11n standard also support two frequency ranges. Thus, you cannot connect a device that uses the 802.11n 2.4 GHz band to a wireless router that only works in the 802.11n 5.0 GHz band. All HP printers that support the 802.11n standard use only 2.4 GHz. Learn more about 802.11. Wi-Fi Protected Setup wireless standards. This feature allows you to easily connect wireless devices to your network. These devices must also support WPS. Most current HP printers support the WPS.USB feature. Some wireless routers have a USB port to support USB printers and portable USB hard drives.

Routers that support USB printers often support multifunction printing, but do not support scan and fax. Bonjour is usually used to service these connections. Bonjour is an integrated service for Apple Macintosh operating systems. To download this service for Windows computers, go to: In addition, the USB port of some routers only supports portable hard drives, so check the documentation of the router manufacturer before purchasing.

Extensibility. If the room is large or with metal and / or concrete structures, it may be necessary to amplify the signal of the wireless router to increase the coverage of the wireless network. Devices that extend the range of a wireless network signal are called wireless network extenders. For better compatibility, you should purchase wireless extenders from the same manufacturer as the router. Before purchasing an extender for your home network, check if there are extenders compatible with your router.

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