The Most Powerful Router


Finding two strictly identical models on the market is quite difficult, each has its own highlight, which the manufacturer praises. To achieve the best result, some manufacturers offer to purchase special adapters that support the features of their own technologies. Using them in the measurement process would not be entirely honest with others, so we tried to put all the devices on an equal footing, using the same laptop with the Broadcom 802.11b / g / n adapter in all cases as a client terminal. So here we go!


The WNDR4500 is not the latest model in the range of NETGEAR routers, however it can give odds to many new products. The manufacturer claims a speed of 900 Mbit / s – an impressive figure, however, it was not without a trick: it actually consists of two values ​​of 450 Mbit / s, possible in each of the two operating frequency ranges – 2, 4 and 5 GHz. But there is no possibility of combining data streams in the device, therefore, it is possible to implement an advertising figure only with the help of software tricks.


The design of the router is made in a peculiar corporate style: a glamorous rectangular box on a thin plastic stand made of transparent plastic. The design looks beautiful, but fragile – with a push from the side, the device sways slightly due to the bend of the stand. The working position is only one – vertical, an inseparable stand will prevent the housing flat on the table. The possibility of hanging on the wall is also not provided.

The use of internal antennas is also typical of NETGEAR routers, which looks more aesthetically pleasing than external half-wave pins, but compared with them, in theory it has less efficiency. There are six of them in our device, three for the 2.4 GHz band and three for 5 GHz. Each of the ranges has a separate transceiver, so both of them can be used simultaneously.

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