TL-WR841Nd Setup

TL-WR741ND and TL-WR841ND

TP-Link routers TL-WR741ND and TL-WR841ND with the latest firmware versions support broadcasting multicast traffic, i.e. pass through itself IGMP and allow you to watch IPTV. Unfortunately, at the moment, these routers do not know how to tag traffic, which means they are not suitable for all operators of Interactive digital television. For example, both models will work perfectly for Beeline and TTK, but it is more difficult with Rostelecom – TL-WR741ND and TL-WR841ND are suitable only in those branches where TV traffic to the subscriber is untagged. To configure a port for an STB set-top box, do the following.

We turn on the prefix in the 4th port of the router. Then we go to the web interface of the router (select the “Network” section gt; “Bridge”:

Here we select “port 4” and click the “Save” button. This way you separate the 4th LAN port from the others and actually parallel it with the WAN port. Those. the prefix looks towards the provider as if the cable entering the apartment is included in it, and not in the router. If you need to select 2 ports, select the value “Port 3&4″. Accordingly, ports 3 and 4 will be separated.

Note: 1. The manual is also suitable for TP-Link routers TL-WR1043ND and TL-WR340GD

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