Usb switch

USB channel switch as a technical tool for testing hardware-software SZI

T. M. Kanner

Closed Joint-Stock Company OKB CAD, Moscow, Russia

The article discusses the purpose, composition and principle of operation of the USB-channel switch, used for automated testing of “mobile” software and hardware information protection tools operating in the operating system of computer technology and having a USB connection interface. The necessity of emulating an automated physical shutdown and connecting an SZI to a specific CBT interface using a technical (software and hardware) rather than software tool is justified.

Keywords: automated testing, “mobile” hardware and software SZI, USB channel switch.

Currently, information systems are created and developed very quickly through the use of effective tools, in this regard, it is necessary to minimize the time spent on the development of SIS, highlighting the steps that can be fully automated or automated under certain conditions. Such steps include testing, verification and correction of errors found. These stages are repeated several times in the process of developing SZI. Reducing the time spent on the development of ISS can be achieved by automating the testing process.

For software SIS there are a large number of various testing automation tools [1], the use of which can be difficult for software and hardware SIS due to the presence of a hardware component and the features of its functioning [2–4].

The hardware component may be “mobile” – alienated from computer equipment (SVT) during the operation of the hardware-software SZI. In this case, during the testing of SZI it is sometimes necessary to reconnect it to the CBT, that is, physically disconnect it, then connect it to the corresponding interface. It is difficult to automate the testing process of such SPE without the use of additional technical means, taking into account the features of the functioning of the hardware component of SPI [5]. Such a technical tool should emulate physical disconnection and connection of SZI to a specific interface of the CBT in an automated way.

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