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Without Wi-Fi technology, the life of most modern people is unthinkable. First of all, it’s very convenient: you can use the Internet both at home, and at the station or at the airport, in various institutions and enterprises. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand how this technology works and to be able to use it correctly.

What is a virtual router?

A router or router is a device that forwards information packets between segments (computers) within a network. It is routers that allow us to use wireless Internet: computers or other devices that we connect to any network, the router combines into one network, allowing them to simultaneously use the Internet.

Virtual router – a technology that allows you to create a virtual device based on a single network card that performs all the same functions as a real router. Moreover, the device itself does not physically exist: it can be said that our computer becomes a router. No need to mess around with wires and setup.

Any computer with Windows 7 installed provides this option. There are two possible ways:

Use the technology implemented at the kernel level and configure the connection through the command line -Use additional software that takes on the configuration task and provides a convenient interface-

Having figured out why we need this, we will consider both options in detail.

What are virtual routers for?

Surely you have repeatedly had to give out Wi-Fi from your phone? For phones with the iOS operating system, just turn on “modem mode” in the settings, enter the network name and password – you’re done! Your phone at this point becomes a full-fledged Wi-Fi distribution point. Each time, using this function on the phone, you actually create a virtual router, combining the users connected to you into a single network. The only difference is that on Windows it is a little more complicated.

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