Wai Fai Point

What does the person who just arrived in Harrachov see?

Damn mountain. Its height is 1021 meters above sea level, but the Czechs at the top there built eateries and the upper cable car terminal, on the platform of which 1022 meters above sea level. This is my new record – the highest point I have ever been to (three meters above the past – 1019 meters, Mount Přední Žalý).

We arrived and checked into the hotel "Friuli". There they drew four stars on a sign. “Four stars?” Not such a bugs as this "Orion"which we visited last year, means, ”my wife and I were discussing.“ And obviously not like that pissing hole in Amsterdam, where I was accidentally drifted, ”I added. Guys, these four stars are quite honest, this is clearly no hole and no bug. Only this is a very small hotel, there are only seven rooms. The owner of the hotel took us to the room, showed us how to find out the password from wi-fi and where the lights turn on, and left the four of us to go nuts from the room. For some reason, there was even lighting under the bed. And my own little sauna. Here I even took a picture of the bath. Having a bite to eat, we ran to the elevator on Chertovaya Gora.

At first, I was afraid to sit on it – I had never ridden such lifts before, I am afraid of heights due to cutouts. My wife began to persuade and shame me. In the end, I was led to the fact that I can take a sharp top view, and agreed to sit on this mechanism that scares me.

And we went quietly down. In the winter a crowd of skiers was rolling down this wide clearing here. I have a special relationship with skiing. Almost all my work colleagues have all sorts of skiers and snowboarders. In winter, almost every weekend, the whole crowd goes for a drive. In Harrachov, I once again estimated the steepness of the slope and decided that, well, fuck these skiing. Given my dislike of beach holidays and swimming in specially organized places for this, you can consider me a ski-swimming link. I prefer hard surfaces and low speeds. On foot to go see some pit, as I recently went with Chernika and Nicholas to make a thoughtful photo. You can ride a bike not very fast. I’m like an old grandfather, damn it.

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