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Choosing the right Wi-Fi adapter

Almost all laptops, tablets and smartphones today are equipped with a Wi-Fi module, which allows you to access the Internet without using any wires. It is very comfortable. But for this feature to be on a stationary computer, it must be equipped with a special adapter.

What is a Wi-Fi adapter?

A Wi-Fi adapter is a special device that allows a computer to “receive” a signal from Wi-Fi networks. Some are only able to receive a signal, others can operate in both reception and transmission modes. And if the SoftAP function is provided, then this board will make an access point from the computer. In appearance, they may resemble an ordinary USB flash drive or an electronic board. The second is installed inside the system unit and connected to the PCI-connector of the motherboard. Wi-Fi adapters also differ in size, shape, presence of antennas, type of connection, support for one or another Wi-Fi standard, as well as the price of the device.

Why do I need a Wi-Fi adapter on my PC

Installing a Wi-Fi device on a desktop computer is usually needed in the following situations: – in your apartment there is wireless Internet (Wi-Fi router, Internet on your tablet or smartphone) and you need to somehow connect the computer to it– the computer is already connected to the Network, and you decide to “distribute” so that you can connect your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the Internet — if you want to connect two or more computers to a local network. For example, this way you can play games with a friend who lives in the next entrance. Pulling wires can be troublesome and expensive, but connecting via Wi-Fi wirelessly will not be difficult.

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