Wi Fi Router for Home

Telecom operator Dom.ru introduced a new device for wireless Internet access – a dual-band Wi-Fi router. The router provides stable access to the Network at speeds up to 90 Mbit / s throughout the apartment and higher quality signal transmission with a large number of connected devices.

The router works simultaneously in 2 frequency ranges – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The 2.4 GHz frequency is the most used for transmitting information over Wi-Fi, and the freer frequency of 5 GHz ensures signal transmission without interference and interruptions, thereby improving signal quality. Work in 2 ranges allows you to provide maximum coverage and data transfer speed over a wireless network.

The new router is distinguished by additional functions and advantages: a USB port, IPv6 support, the ability to remotely access files, printers and other network resources, as well as for interprocess communication (SMB), the ability to compatible devices to transmit and receive various media content over the home network, and also display it in real time (DLNA), protection against DoS attacks. The Wi-Fi signal focuses on the position of the connected gadgets, so no matter how users move around the apartment with smartphones, tablets or laptops, the router will provide a high-speed connection.

The speed and reliability of the router is optimal for tasks such as viewing streaming HD-video, network games without slowdowns, fast downloads, voice calls without interference, work on a secure remote channel. It is compatible with 802.11 a / b / g / n standards, which allows you to use both modern devices and models of gadgets from previous generations to access the Network.

A compact device (12x3x15 cm) is connected to the computer via a UTP connector (twisted pair), it is quickly and easily configured and controlled using the already installed special software. Existing and new Dom.ru customers can purchase a router at a price of p3000.

Routers are made to order and in the corporate pixel style Dom.ru by Sercomm, an international equipment supplier whose global network covers the markets of North America, Europe, China and the Asia-Pacific region.

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