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the router cuts WiFi speed

The other day a man came to me who was angry at his home router and really wanted to change it. The main claim to work was this: “The router cuts the speed when working via WiFi”: when connected via cable, it downloads an average of 60-70 megabits, and over the wireless network – no more than 20. Moreover, the subscriber did not want to pay attention to any arguments, but stupidly demanded an exchange. Of course, they went to a meeting and exchanged one fully working device for another. So in the near future we expect his appearance again. To you, my readers, I want to explain in detail why the router can limit the speed of Wi-Fi and how this difference can be eliminated if not completely, then at least partially leveled for the better.

Before proceeding with active actions, I will give a few facts that you should definitely consider if you use Wi-Fi.

First, network equipment manufacturers typically indicate theoretically achievable speeds in technical specifications. That is, if you see Wireless N150 on the router, this means that the maximum speed of the device’s wireless module can theoretically reach 150 mb / s. Accordingly, the N300 is up to 300 mb / s. Pay attention to the word theoretically. With the fact that you will really have it, it will not coincide, but will significantly differ in a smaller direction. We encountered this several years ago when the 802.11G standard was still actively used with a maximum theoretical speed of up to 54 mb / s, which in practice was rarely higher than 20 mb / s. With faster and more modern standards, everything is completely identical.

Secondly, if you have problems with WiFi speed – first of all, update the firmware of the router, because the work of absolutely all its components depends on it. You can take it from the official server of the manufacturer. For example, for D-Link devices, this is the ftp server. . Pay attention to the firmware version:

As a rule, you need to download the one with the latest date and the highest serial number (version index).

Thirdly, be sure to update the Wi-Fi adapter driver on your computer or laptop. Not only the speed of work depends on it, but also the ability to use additional modes and functions.

Fourth, if your router supports the 5 GHz band, transfer all the devices that you can to it. On the old range, you can leave “slow” devices that do not work at 5 gigahertz. At the same time, they will not affect one another in any way.

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