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Near Bariloche

122 day. Gobernador Costa

We drive to the border

By the morning he was cold, you still had to get a sleeping bag. I had breakfast, gathered, got water and at 8:50 went out to vote.

Sleeping place, it’s already hot

It was already felt in the morning that the day would be hot. Having stood a little in the village, I decided to go along the highway. It was necessary to first look at the map and decide exactly where I want to go. He looked only after two kilometers, and realized that to the next sharp turn, where you can expect a decrease in speed, go another ten kilometers. However, the heat made itself felt. I had to stand in a straight line under the scorching sun and try to stop cars passing by.

Standing next to this cross for three hours in the heat

11:50. Renault stops, by this time I already looked like a cooked Argentinean asado. Chilean is 33 years old. Marcus works as a driver in a travel company and, as I understand it, he goes to Bariloche. So with him he hit the bull’s-eye right away. He has a son who is only a year and a month old. We talked, for some reason, all Chileans praise their national park Torres del Paine. And the Argentine Claudio responded about him like this: "Nothing special". Therefore, when there was a choice to go there or not, I drove past southern Chile. The average excursion that Marcus carries costs $ 30 per person, all in the company are 4 beads with a capacity of 11 passengers, and they work every day.

Marcus drove me 690 km from Argentina to Chile. Interesting kind person

The air conditioning in the car did not work, and the temperature in the street reached 36 degrees. Among other things, I felt that I did not get enough sleep, and sometimes Kemaril on the way.

Marcus is rarely in these places, so I took on the role of navigator. I noticed many people in South America prefer to ask for directions on how to use maps.

When we drove through El Bolson, the real mountain scenery began. It was already not those southern Andes, the peaks went to heaven. Then lakes with azure water began to appear. I always thought that the most beautiful landscapes in Kyrgyzstan, especially when I went to Osh last year. But I must admit, now the leadership is for the Andes. Mountains with rocky peaks, transparent lakes that feed on mountain rivers, a dense forest with giant spruces and heat, after which you want to dissolve, plunging into the water.

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