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Tenda Wireless Routers: Affordable Quality

True, first you need to get a suitable Wi-Fi router. Not the easiest task, especially given the high prices for electronics. Expensive solutions are affordable for not everyone, and budget ones rarely please with decent features.

However, some manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom successfully combine quality and low cost. Tenda devices are vivid proof of this. The company has a lot of devices worth attention.

The product operates with a frequency of 2.4 GHz and guarantees a speed of up to 300 Mbps. Enough for online games, file sharing, video streaming and music. USB 2.0 connector available.

Declared support for IEEE 802.3, 802.3 / 3U and 802.11b / n / g. A useful bonus is protection against current surges up to 6000 Volts. A real find for those who live in places with high thunderstorm activity.

You can order this new product for $ 25, 28 – on the GearBest website. By the way, with free shipping.

The 20-gram device offers 2.4 GHz, 150 Mbps and 802.11b / n / g. Suitable for calls on Skype, broadcast HD-films, as well as multi-user projects (without lags). Separately, it should be noted compatibility with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

The main thing is not to delay the purchase. GearBest prices are pre-sale. If you believe the description, the action will last until September 30 inclusive. Then the numbers will cease to be so pleasant.

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