Configuring Asus Router

Login and password to enter the settings

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This step-by-step instruction is devoted to how to configure the Asus RT-N12 Wi-Fi router to work with providers:

Beeline (L2TP) Rostelecom, Dom.ru (PPPoE).

The manual will include the following important configuration steps: the correct connection of the router, how to enter the Asus RT-N12 settings, setting up an Internet connection, setting up wireless network security (Wi-Fi password).

How to connect Asus RT-N12

Despite the fact that this seems obvious, I start all the instructions exactly with how to connect the router correctly, because even here there are errors, due to which subsequently the Wi-Fi connection does not work.

There are five ports on the back of your router — four LAN ports and one WAN (Internet) port. It is to the latter, which differs from the other four ports, you should connect the cable of your Internet provider – Beeline, Rostelecom or any other.

In addition, I recommend that you configure the wireless router from a computer or laptop that has a wired connection with it, for which you should connect one of the LAN ports on the router to the same port on the PC network card.

Remember to plug the device into a power outlet. And also, for all subsequent steps, turn off the Internet on the computer (if you have “High-speed connection” and “Beeline” running on the PC itself) only the local area network connection should be active.

How to enter router settings

On the back of the Asus RT-N12 (as on other routers) there is information about the address, login (username) and password – they must be used to enter the settings web interface. In order to log in, launch a browser and enter the specified address in the address bar, for Asus routers it is

When you are asked to enter your username and password, enter admin for this and for the other (provided that you did not change them during previous attempts to configure everything).

And now attention: if this is the first time you have come here after the purchase or if you just reset the router, automatic configuration will begin – you will need to click “Next” and fill in the proposed fields.

You will be prompted to change the password to log into the “admin panel” of the router (the one that was admin), after which an attempt will be made to determine the type of connection and, if it is determined, you will be prompted to enter a login and password on the Internet, and then set the Wi- Fi network and password on Wi-Fi.

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