Configuring the Dir-300 Router

New DIR-300 Setup Interface

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This step-by-step instruction describes in detail how to configure the D-Link DIR-300 (NRU) Wi-Fi router to work with the TTK Internet provider. At the same time, tuning information is provided for the regions of the North-West, Chita, North, Siberia and the Urals TTK regions.

The instruction is equally suitable for DIR-300 wireless routers of various modifications:

D-Link DIR-300 C1, D1DIR-300 NRU B5, B6 and B7 and others.

The setup process itself is unlikely to take you more than 20 minutes: I tried to describe everything as detailed and clear as possible. If you have a D-Link DIR-300 router with a new firmware 2.5.x, and the interface looks like below, then you can use this instruction to configure: Configuring a DIR-300 with a new firmware (for the TTK, the method described for Rostelecom, except for the regions TTK North and Siberia).

How to connect a router to configure

The first point is to correctly connect the Wi-Fi router for subsequent configuration, even here there are errors, although it is very simple.

On the reverse side of the router there are 5 ports, one of which is designated Internet – it is to it that you connect the TTK Internet cable. And connect one of the LAN ports on the router with a cable to the network card connector of a computer or laptop. You can also configure wirelessly (there are a couple of nuances), but I recommend wired, especially if you are a novice user.

In addition, regardless of the region in which you are connected to the TTK provider, if you start any connection on the computer to access the Internet (for the Siberia region it is not relevant), then disconnect it during configuration. And do not start it after the router is configured – it will establish a connection and the Internet will become available on all devices (and if you continue to start it, you will see either an error message or the Internet will be on only one computer).

Configure Internet TTK on DIR-300

After everything is connected as required, it’s time to go into the settings of the D-Link DIR-300, for this:

Launch your favorite browser. Enter in the address bar. At the login and password request, enter admin in both fields.

If after that you are again “thrown away” to enter your login and password, most likely they have been changed (just in case, look at the sticker on the back of the router, there is information for entering). In this case, it is a good idea to reset the router to the factory settings (on the switched on device, press and hold the Reset button).

You should see the main page of the Wi-Fi router settings web interface with basic information about the device’s firmware, connection status, etc.

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