D Link Router

The appearance of the router D-Link DIR-300

Every day more and more electronic devices are pouring into our lives, requiring constant access to the Internet: computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, TV, etc. How to connect them all to the Internet and at the same time pay as for one device, at a standard rate.

A wi-fi router or as it is also called a Wi-Fi router will help us with this.

In this article, we will walk you through step-by-step how to configure and connect the D-Link Dir-300 router to your provider based on the connection to the Dom.ru provider using PPPoE protocol. The D-Link Dir-300 router is a fairly popular model among a wide variety of routers, or as they are also called routers, due to its stable operation, good characteristics, reasonable price.

Unpack the box with the router, extract its contents, the kit should include the following:

the router itself (router) is a cable (patch cord) for connecting the router to the computer, the power supply.

To organize the connection and configure the router, we additionally need:

an agreement from your provider with a username and password — settings data (connection type, protocol version) —the twisted pair cable, this is the one that brought the technician to connect to your apartment or house.

We take the router, turn on the power supply to the outlet, wait until the green LEDs light up, signaling that it is in good condition. We connect one end of the network cable to the LAN 1 port, the other end to the network card on the computer. We connect the cable from the Internet to the WAN port (INTERNET).

As a rule, a new router comes with the factory settings specified in the instructions or on the back of the router case (bottom). If your router is not new, then perhaps the previous owner changed the network settings and changed the password for accessing the router. In this case, if you still do not know the settings, then the only way to go to the router is to reset the router to the factory settings, this is done by pressing a special button with a pin or toothpick through a small hole with the inscription “reset”, you probably did a similar procedure when the disc was removed from the jammed CD-ROM. If the first time it was not possible to restart the router, try to hold the reset button pressed for a longer time, and also give the router time to reboot from 30 seconds to 1 minute, after pressing the button.

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