How to Choose a Switch

PSW-2G4F Ports

There is one fundamental difference between the two switches: the PSW-2G4F has 2 gigabit SFP ports, and the PSW-1G4F has one SFP port replaced with a 10/100 / 1000Base-T RJ-45 port.


When choosing between PSW-2G4F and PSW-1G4F, it is fundamentally important to determine which cable will be used to transfer data to the server – copper (“twisted pair”) or fiber optic?

If you plan to use a twisted pair cable, then the problem can be solved in two ways:

In fact, these two switches are analogs (they have 4 PoE ports for connecting cameras and 1 port for transmitting traffic further over the network, for example, to a server).

To choose the right switch, you need to answer one fundamental question:

Do you plan to use TFortis TH-02 (TH-03) thermo-housings?

Colleagues, we updated the program for finding managed switches for monitoring TFortis PSW on the network to version 1.4.

What’s new?

Added a column displaying the firmware version. Added support for switches with the new firmware version 0.1.4. Other minor changes.

To use the program, install it and launch the TFortis PSW Searcher shortcut on the desktop

Colleagues, we updated the program for finding TFortis PSW managed switches on the network.

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