Mini Wi-Fi Router

Xiaomi Mi Router Mini R1CM

I have long wanted to buy myself some interesting router on Aliexpress, but it didn’t go beyond simple intentions. And then I somehow took it, and ordered myself a dual-band Mi Router Mini from the Chinese company Xiaomi, which is beginning to enter our market, but so far only with smartphones and tablets. In Russian, the name reads like “Xiaomi”, although some manage to read “Xiaomi” as well. Being aware that most Chinese have firmware, as a rule, only in their own language, I ordered a copy with English-language software. After 3 weeks, he took the package from the post office. The device came packaged in a simple bag on top of a soft wrapper. There was no box. But there was an adapter for our electrical outlet.

Externally, Xiaomi Router Mini immediately left a good impression. High-quality compact case, does not stagger or creak. Antennas are very interesting to fold along, and not across the device, as usual.

The hardware stuffing with the Xiaomi Mini router is not bad:

– Processor: MediaTek MT7620A 580MHz- – RAM (RAM): 128MB DDR2- – Flash memory (ROM): 16MB SPI Flash-

On truncated versions of this chip (MT7620N) were mid-range Zyxel models of the Keenetic II line. And in terms of RAM, the Chinese are already at the level of more expensive models.

But our eastern neighbors were greedy with copper ports – 2 LAN and 1 WAN 10/100 Mbps. But there is a USB connector to which you can connect a USB flash drive or removable hard drive. Moreover, considering that it still works both in the usual range of WiFi 2.4 Ghz 2 × 2 (Wireless N300), and in the extended – 5 Ghz WiFi (up to 867 Mbit / s) – then for a price of almost $ 30 this is a great offer!

Having connected the WiFi router to the computer, I immediately became interested in what it uses by default. Moreover, on the sticker on the bottom of the case it was not. Only the hostname was registered – miwifi.com.

But then the fun began. I could not enter the device’s web interface from my computer either through the hostname or through IP. Okay, I’ve connected a laptop cable – the same thing. IP responds, but there is no access. What is it ?!

I took a tablet, in the list of available networks I saw an unprotected Xiaomi-5436 with SSID’s, connected and … went into the web interface without problems.

Okay, I think you’re a tricky piece of iron, they’ll connect via WiFi from a laptop and … again I can’t go into the configurator. As it turned out later, you can configure Xiaoimi Mi router Mini from any phone and tablet on Android or iOS, but you won’t be able to get to its settings from a regular PC on Windows 10 or older. As soon as I didn’t try, it didn’t work out. Even the User-Agent changed – zero reaction.

Well, okay, we will configure from a mobile device. The first thing that is required is to indicate the operation mode of the wireless access point — the distribution of the Internet or the operation of the Repeater (Repeater mode).

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