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Testing 3G from Kyivstar. Start

It so happened that on June 5 I became part of the Kyivstar open beta team of 3G testers. In addition to me, Olga Larina, Aleksey Tsymbalenko, Vitaliy Aleksakhin and Dmitry Zolotukhin got into the team. My Friday began with a visit to the Kyivstar headquarters on Degtyarevskaya Street.

In fact, for the Kyivstar company, I am almost an ideal version of the tester. I have never been their client and I just can’t be a brand advocate, from the first day of using mobile phones I have been a client of UMC, which later became MTS. Sometimes my second mobile operator was Life, but Kyivstar never. On the contrary, I say that I treated this company very very badly and did not see myself as its client. Therefore, the results of my testing cannot be called biased for sure.

For the test, each of us was allocated for a month: a LG Magna smartphone, a Kyivstar card with unlimited 3G Internet, a scratch card to replenish the account for 40 UAH, and a stylish powerbank as a bonus, so that we don’t have any phones during the test. With this set, we set off to test the quality of the new technology.

I must admit that before testing, I did not understand what 3G is. That is, I know what kind of technology it is, what is better than previous generations, but I did not understand how much its appearance will change my user experience in just a few days.

Setting up my new smartphone, I made it completely identical to my old device. All applications, all settings, design, etc. was the same on both devices. I set myself the goal of focusing on testing 3G, not a new phone, so it was important not to change the acquired habits and my user experience.

But the technology itself has made changes to this plan. 3G opens up so wide possibilities for new phone options for users that the user experience changes by itself, right before your eyes.

Briefly about the first days of my life with 3G:

I no longer depend on wifi. The difference between the speed of mobile Internet and wifi is not felt, it is no longer. Speedtest at my place showed 3G speed on average 2 times faster when connected to my home Internet. I am ALREADY used to listening to streaming music! There is not a single song on the memory card that has been downloaded. In all the places in Kiev where I managed to visit, there are no problems with the work of the new network. In addition to the subway.

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