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The leadership of Kim Jong-un also takes active measures to informatize the state. In January 2013, the DPRK created its own Samjiyon SA-70 tablet computer running Android 4.0.4., Which has very, very decent technical specifications, not counting the resolution of the screen. There is an opinion according to which “Samzhiyon” is a copy of the Yeong 75 tablet from Alps. However, it already brings the state $ 410 convertible currency per unit on Ebay. Inside North Korea, the tablet costs half the price, and now, thanks to the increased income of citizens (the average salary, according to some estimates, was $ 39 per month), this is not such a special luxury. By the end of 2015, North Koreans began producing tablets also under the brands Achim, Myohyang and Arirang. The latter belongs to the creation of the first North Korean smartphone – Arirang AS1201, very positively evaluated personally by Kim Jong-un (although Marshall himself uses the Taiwanese HTC Butterfly). There is information that this development was not its own initially – the prototype, most likely, was the Chinese Uniscope U1201. The price, unfortunately, is not known to me. Pyongyang, another manufacturer of lower-cost smartphones, joined Arirang, whose product prices fluctuate in the domestic market around $ 20.

A huge number of applications are loaded into tablets (more than 400 pieces for “Samchiyoen”), among which, mainly, helping with studies, work, general development etc. But there are official games – you can run birds in pigs, yes. Although the OS is South Korean, almost all applications are written by northerners, with the exception of the base package, of course. True, the application package from Google is excluded from it, because these miracles of technology are not intended for access to our Internet. About one and a half thousand people now have access to it, including the highest party leadership and employees of state bodies. security scientists, scientific research institutes, diplomatic staff, students and even schoolchildren from among the most capable and successful, who are taught to work with him in the Mandede Children’s Palace.

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