Powerful Wifi Router

The range of the wifi router depends on the type of router or access point used. Factors that determine the range of the router (access point) are:

By choosing a Wi-Fi router, the range can be approximately calculated using a special calculator (designed for D-Link equipment, but the formulas and methods used there are suitable for any other. If you create a radio bridge between two networks, you need to consider that the space around the straight line, drawn from the receiver to the transmitter should be free from absorbing and reflecting obstacles in a radius equal to 0.6 of the radius of the first Fresnel zone.The size of this zone can be calculated by the following formula:

In real conditions, the signal level at different distances from the transmitting device can be measured by a special device (Wi-Fi detector).

If you need to increase the range, the Wi-Fi router can be combined into a chain of several routers or wireless access points, or replace the standard antennas with more powerful ones.

Powerful Wi-Fi Router

If you choose a powerful router, the range and quality of reception should satisfy your requirements. The power of a wifi router

A powerful router based on the Realtek 8187L chipset is distinguished not only by a high power of 1 watt, but also by large-scale support. The drivers for this chipset are supported by all operating systems. If you use an external additional antenna, then the distance can reach up to 5 km.

Common brands Alfa, NEtsys, Senao EnGenius EUB Ext High-Power, Wifly city 8G, 20G, AIRLIVE, G-Sky GS-27USB-50, KASENS. Amped Wireless has released the most powerful router R20000G High Power Wireless-N, which is equipped with 600 -mW signal amplifiers of the 2.4 GHz range.

R20000G is capable of working in two networks: at a frequency of 5000 MHz and 2400 MHz. The router provides indoor coverage of up to 930 square meters. m. Two powerful antennas with a gain of 5 dB / inch are connected to the router, but they can be replaced with more powerful ones.

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