Router is

Wps adapter

If you have a WiFi adapter that supports wps technology, then connecting to a router will not be difficult for you. This connection method is called hardware. All you have to do is hold down the corresponding buttons on the router and adapter simultaneously for 3-5 seconds.

After that, the WiFi adapter will connect to the router via WPS. It is worth noting that when using this method, the network name will remain standard, and a password will be generated. Therefore, this connection method is best used for the initial configuration of the router.

WiFi setup via WPS on Windows 7

So, as I said, the WiFi setup on the router can be done from Windows using the WPS method. To do this, in some routers we need, for starters, to press the “vps” button for 2-3 seconds. Sometimes this is not required. Then you need to connect to our open WiFi network.

To do this, proceed to connecting to the Wi-Fi network in Windows and select our network. In my case, this is Tenda.

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