Selling Routers

Devices such as set-top boxes and routers have already become a vital necessity, having firmly taken their place in almost every home or office. And this is not surprising, given the gigantic amount of new opportunities that they possess. For example, Apple Airport Extreme high-speed routers at a reasonable cost allow you to create highly efficient and productive Wi-Fi networks, connecting up to 50 users. And support for two different Wi-Fi bands makes these devices even more practical and versatile.

If, in addition to a high-speed wireless connection, data backup is required, then the most reasonable solution would be to buy an Apple Time Capsule base station. Including all the functions of the router, this device also provides the owner with 2/3 TB of memory for placing backup copies of all the necessary data. At the same time, Apple Time Capsule periodically updates the stored information, working independently in the background.

An interactive TV set-top box Apple TV is, undoubtedly, a maximum of innovation at a fairly attractive price. Apple TV is a fundamentally new approach to television, because this media player allows the owner to control a home TV, almost as easily as a personal mobile device. Apple TV provides the ability to watch your favorite shows and programs, as well as play games and use applications. The media player provides free access to iTunes and the AppStore, directly from the TV.

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