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D-Link is introducing a new series of customizable DXS-1210 switches with 10G ports – DXS-1210-10TS, DXS-1210-12TC and DXS-1210-12SC. The devices are intended for use at the core level of networks of small and medium enterprises or at the level of distribution / aggregation of corporate or campus networks. Due to their high performance, switches can be used at the level of access to the servers of data centers and storage systems.

The new switches are equipped with ports:

DXS-1210-10TS – 8 10GBase-T ports and 2 10GBase-X SFP + ports

DXS-1210-12TC – 8 10GBase-T ports, 2 10GBase-X SFP + ports and 2 10GBase-T / SFP + combo ports

DXS-1210-12SC – 10 10GBase-X SFP + ports and 2 10GBase-T / SFP + combo ports.

To provide quality of service, the DXS-1210 series supports packet classification by 8 priority queues, as well as bandwidth management in 64 Kbps increments. In future software versions, Auto Voice VLAN functions for VoIP and Auto Surveillance VLAN applications for integration into a network of systems will be available. video surveillance. This functionality allows you to automatically recognize VoIP equipment and video surveillance equipment in a common network and allocate each group to a separate VLAN, where voice and video traffic are assigned a higher priority than traffic that is not sensitive to delays, regardless of the network load level.

To increase fault tolerance and determine the switching loops in the network, the DXS-1210 series devices support the Spanning Tree protocols (802.1d, 802.1w, 802.1s), Loopback Detection, and 802.3ad dynamic link aggregation.

Switch security features include support for access control lists (ACLs), Port Security features based on MAC addresses to control network access, D-Link Safeguard Engine to protect the CPU from overloading broadcast traffic, DHCP Server Screening to prevent local networks from appearing unauthorized DHCP servers, protection against broadcast / multicast / unicast storm.

Future versions of the DXS-1210 series switch software will support 802.1X authentication, IP-MAC-Port Binding, protection against ARP attacks and static routing: up to 32 static routes for IPv4 and up to 32 for IPv6.

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