Our stacking technology combines a non-blocking internal switching factory and a high-speed backbone with twice the power of leading competitors. These switches support hot swapping of modules and automatic configuration, so that impact on other switches and traffic is minimized.

• Stable performance

With the Ethernet Routing Switch 4800 supporting PoE and PoE +, dedicated QoS and auto-configuration for IP phones, even the most demanding collaboration applications will work with optimal performance.

• Unrivaled energy efficiency

These switches are on average 36% more energy efficient than competitive solutions. They incorporate Avaya Energy Saver technology, which reduces the power consumption of both the switch and IP phones by 25% outside peak periods without loss of telephone quality.

Convergence readiness for today’s communications

This Avaya switch simplifies the convergence and consolidation of voice, video, and data communications within a single infrastructure. This includes powering network devices, leveraging the power of self-configuring IP telephones, and cutting-edge tools to ensure high-quality service.

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