Tp-Link Tl-R460 Router
Tp-Link Tl-R460 Router The first thing, of course, is to get it out of the box. We fasten the antenna and connect the power supply to our device, preferably next to the computer, because the cable for connecting to a PC is usually not very long (after setting up a wireless connection, this condition will not work). We take a short cable with RJ-45 terminals, which we also have in the kit and insert one end into the LAN connector on the switch, and the other into the network connector in your computer. The “Internet” cable, the one that comes from the entrance (from the provider), is inserted into the connector of our Tp-link called WAN. If you don’t understand where which input is and what to stick in, read a short article. Started:) Now we need to make sure that the computer’s network card settings are on the “machine”. To do this, go to Start Control Panel Network and Internet Network and Sharing Center Change adapter settings (top left) Here (usually) we have a connection called “Local Area Connection” Click RIGHT mouse button and select “Properties” Scroll the list of protocols in the center of the window down. Double-click on “Internet Protocol 4 (TCP / IPv4).” We make sure that we have the checkboxes “Get IP address automatically” and “Get DNS server address automatically”, if not, put checkboxes and click n but OK. So far, the computer setup on this is finished. If you do not understand where to enter and …

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