Tp-Link Wr841Nd Setup

Back side of TP-Link WR841ND Router

In this detailed instruction, we will talk about how to set up a TP-Link WR-841N Wi-Fi router or TP-Link WR-841ND Wi-Fi router for use in the Beeline home Internet network.

Connecting a TP-Link WR-841ND router

On the back of the TP-Link WR-841ND wireless router, there are 4 LAN ports (yellow) for connecting computers and other devices that can work on the network, as well as one Internet port (blue) to which you need to connect a Beeline cable. We connect the computer from which we will configure it with a cable to one of the LAN ports. We turn on the Wi-Fi router in the mains.

Before proceeding directly to the configuration, I recommend making sure that the TCP / IPv4 protocol has the following properties in the properties of the LAN connection used to configure TP-Link WR-841ND: receive IP address automatically, receive DNS server addresses automatically. Just in case, look there, even if you know that these settings are there and so on – some programs began to like changing DNS to alternative ones from Google.

Configure Beeline L2TP Connection

An important point: do not connect the Beeline Internet connection on the computer itself during setup, as well as after it. This connection will be established by the router itself.

Launch your favorite browser and enter in the address bar, as a result, you should be asked for a login and password to enter the administration panel of the TP-LINK WR-841ND router. The default username and password for this router is admin / admin. After entering the login and password, you should get into, in fact, the admin panel of the router, which will look something like the one in the picture.

On this page on the right, select the Network tab, then WAN.

In the WAN Connection Type field, select L2TP / Russia L2TP, in the user name field enter your Beeline login, in the password field enter the password for Internet access issued by the provider. In the Server IP Address / Name field, enter tp.internet.beeline.ru. Also, do not forget to put a checkmark on Connect Automatically. The rest of the parameters do not need to be changed – MTU for Beeline is 1460, the IP address will be received automatically. Save the settings.

If you did everything right, then after a short time, the TP-Link WR-841ND wireless router will connect to the Internet from Beeline. You can go to the security settings of the Wi-Fi access point.

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