Wai Fi Asus Router

Setting up the ASUS router

Enter the standard username and password specified in the instructions for the router (or on the back of the router itself)

First, make sure that the mode of operation of the router is "wireless router".

Next, go to the section "the Internet" and make sure the type of WAN connection is worth "Auto IP". All other settings should correspond to the screenshot below.

To set up a wireless network, go to "Wireless setup", in the SSID field, indicate the name of your network (in English only), in the field "Authentication method" choose encryption type "WPA2-Personal", and in the field "WPA provisional key" write the password (English characters and numbers), click "apply".

To configure IP-TV, go to "The local network". There, go to the IPTV tab and put the values ​​in the sections as shown in the screenshot. Please note that in the section "IPTV STB Port Selection" the Lan port to which the TV set-top box is connected is indicated.

ATTENTION: We can not guarantee the quality of IPTV when using the WiFi radio channel or viewers on SmartTV.

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