What A Router Is For What

There are no good internet routers. It seems that all these devices are suffering from an unnamed epidemic: for unpredictable reasons, the owner is forced to restart the modem once a day / week. Unpredictability infuriates: today your “siksel” or “long” is doing well, and tomorrow there will be some kind of problem out of nowhere. And you will not understand who is to blame – the provider or the router.

Dancing with a tambourine around another Taiwanese “craft” freaked me out, and the same day I returned home with AirPort Express. Since then, I have not recognized anything else. Because AirPort is the only router that just works. Stuck and really forgot!

A very important preface. I guarantee that there will be a lot of anger in the comments on the review. For some reason, it seems to me that he is already overwhelming some readers! Owners of the impossibly cool Mikrotiks with twenty-five Linux on board will explain for a long time why AirPort Express is so bad. Economical users of shaitan boxes from D-link and Zyxel will seek the benefits of their crafts on functions, technical specifications and other tinsel. I will not argue with them, but I will answer with statistics.

I have two AirPort Express in two different cities, on the lines of different providers. The first I bought and set up a year ago. Since then, it has not shut down or rebooted. NEVER. Twelve-plus months of continuous operation. From such results, any “dlink” immediately explodes and burns, scattering sparks of cheap plastic. The second modem was first connected three months ago – it also lies quietly and does not require a reset.

Each of the routers is connected from 7 to 12 completely different devices. Everyone crawls on the Internet at the same time, something constantly downloads, load the channel and so on. And all is well. If there were problems with the connection, then only for two reasons: work on the provider’s line or a power outage in the house. The rest of the time – 100 percent return and exactly zero problems.

The stable operation of AirPort made me even hammer on the router as a device. He “hung” on the outlet at the entrance to the apartment, and the rest did not bother me. I even forgot about the review that I was planning to do last spring :) Finally, I’m catching up.

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