What is a Router and Modem

Promotion modem

Not so long ago, I became the owner of this device. The first impression of him is quite positive. But first things first =)

The modem is packed in a rather simple package with the logo and other attributes of Ukrtelecom

The configuration of this device is quite simple:

Instructions for installing and configuring the modem Disk all with the same instructions One patch cord Two telephone wires Splitter

Well, I think to explain in more detail that there is something that makes no sense, since this is a standard package for any ADSL modem. But of course the modem itself should be described in more detail.

So, let’s begin! Specifications:


4 LAN ports 10/1001 Wan port for connecting a telephone line Wi-Fi standards: IEEE 802.11bIEEE 802.11gIEEE 802.11n

Wi-Fi Range:

2400 ~ 2484.5 MHz ISM Band

Supported encryption types for Wi-Fi:

Open SystemShared KeyWPA-PSKWPA2-PSK

Network Protocols:



4 for Lan ports Wi-Fi status DSL status Internet indicator Power indicator Device status indicator WPS status

Actually, everything is as if standard, with the exception of the device status indicator, which, depending on its indication, indicates whether the device is working or not. Usually this role is played by the power indicator. For example, on the D-Link 2500U, if it is lit in red, then the device does not work or has not yet booted, well, it works in green, respectively. In the same modem, a little differently if the indicator blinks, then the device works, if not, it does not work.

It should also be noted that there are two more not used indicators, and if you believe the description, that is, the same model but with a USB port, so probably they are for it, or maybe not =)

You can manage this device both through the web-interface, and through Telnet.

Note: And here there is a problem, it lies in the fact that Ukrtelecom is experimenting with remote configuration of these modems, as well as their firmware. In this connection, Wi-Fi may simply disappear, although the indicator will light up and the settings will be blocked. This is fixed by restoring your settings from the corresponding file, or by resetting to factory settings. But if you reset to factory settings, then you will need to reconfigure the modem again, so that I would recommend, to simplify things, make a backup copy of the settings. Read more here.

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