Wi-Fi Operation Principle

The image below shows the principle of connecting smart Wi-Fi sockets to a home wireless network and their interaction with a user’s mobile device through a cloud service:

A smart socket transmits data via a home Wi-Fi router to the cloud. TP-Link Kasa mobile app connects to the TP-Link Cloud cloud service and allows users to remotely control smart sockets.

To control smart Wi-Fi outlets, you must follow the steps below:

Install the TP-Link Kasa mobile application on your smartphone *. Create a TP-Link Cloud account in the application. Follow the step-by-step configuration of the smart socket in the TP-Link Kasa application to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. After completing the above steps, the user will be able to manage outlets anywhere where there is Internet access (a prerequisite is to be connected to your cloud account).

* Kasa mobile application is available for iOS and Android devices.

** To control smart Wi-Fi sockets it is not necessary to be in the coverage area of ​​your home router – the main thing is that Internet access (3G / 4G or another wireless network) is active on your phone.

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